Now Wordle has an editor in control of selecting the subsequent reply

Wordle will now have its own dedicated dedicated editor to help create the hit guessing entertainment phrase puzzle, new York Times Introduced on Monday. Tracy Bennett will be editor, and the game may be curated by Thesaurus NYT And its “to be programmed and tested” like crosswords and spelling bee entertainment.

adjustments seem to imply that NYT Maybe it’s going to involve some individual options rather than relying on a long list of solutions you can find If you knew where to look, However, it seems that the game itself has not changed.

“Verdle’s gameplay will remain the same, and answers will be drawn from the same basic dictionary of answer words, with some editorial adjustments to ensure that the game remains focused on vocabulary that is fun, accessible, vibrant, and varied,” Everdeen Mason, NYTThe editorial director of K Video Games wrote In an article about Bennett’s appointment,

You will probably already be looking at a particular answer more than someone else because of the change. If so, Mason suggests refreshing your browser or participating in the game on the Crossword app.

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