Op-Ed: Bombshell – Anonymous Group of WEF Members Lambaste Klaus Schwab the Wanna-Be World Dictator

Klaus Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman; World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) January 21, 2015. File photo: Drop off light, shutter stock, license.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – People, this is just confusing. so bizarre. almost terrifying. The Guardian, a mainstream left-wing ragtag that previously praised the World Economic Forum (WEF) and licked the boots of Marxist ministers – throwing founder Klaus Schwab under the bus – backed down and ran over it again.


From 16 January to 20 January in Davos SwitzerlandBillionaires and CEOs met at the annual WEF conference to talk about the climate crisis hoax (they say it’s real) and how Enforce a bogus carbon emissions tax on citizens around the world, how to transfer humans to controlled pods; And how to destroy democracy and freedom once and for all.

what’s going on?

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“Founder and chairman Klaus Schwab has run the platform for 52 years, but is now seen by some former and current employees as ‘a law unto itself’.” a group of present and former WEF staff members contacted by the Guardian said The 82-year-old “surrounds” herself withNone” Who is there “Unable to run organization” He revealed to The Guardian in the early 1970s.

yes, i’m weird.

The clandestine group said, the clause is “completely unacceptable to anyone inside and outside the organization.”

Guys, I’m really on the edge of my couch.

The WEF group said it wished to remain anonymous. “We are hesitant to come forward because Claus is very well connected and could make life very difficult for us even after he leaves the WEF.”

Let’s read between the lines. Is this horde of renegade Minions scared of Schwab? that sounds like.

WEF members shared a LinkedIn post with the Guardian (they claimed to have been nefariously removed): “There isn’t much future for the WEF beyond Klaus, not just because there is no clear successor, but also because That its managing board is such a viper’s nest that the senior leadership will be at each other’s throats the moment the old man walks out.

WEF has no shareholders because Schwab has always wanted to own and control all the toys in the sandbox. Looks like a dictator.

What is the rest of the story?

Hmm. Did the truth suddenly hit these evil Great Reset zombies over the head? did they see an episode of Cartoon “Pinky and the Brain” – And feel the WEF’s sinister agenda to hijack the world economy? Or was it because of the clever Elon Musk?

Musk, owner and CEO of Twitter (a WEF insider for the wealthy elite) recently ousted Klaus Schwab. He tweeted, “The WEF is fast becoming the unelected world government the people never asked for and do not want.”

Next, posted by Musk online voting – which received 2.42 million votes – where he asked whether “the World Economic Forum should govern the world.” Eighty-six percent of respondents said “No,

Could it be that some elite rat and his toadie don’t want to associate with psychopath Schwab anymore, and so they’re jumping the Great Reset crazy ship?

Or are they just ethical whistleblowers? Ah

Is this a real story?

An article in the Global Insider newsletter, a Publication titled Politico, From Davos: The race to succeed Klaus SchwabDisappointment manifested due to the lack of “succession plan” by Schwab.

schwab manages 800 people team at 6 global locations.

“Politico spoke to 29 WEF corporate strategic partners, current and former WEF employees, and members of the Forum’s committees and communities… WEF insiders typically do not speak on-the-record about the organization’s post-Schwab future. are not willing to All 29 people told POLITICO they feared being banned from WEF events, while others said even speaking out anonymously could get them fired.

Is this the same screaming mob of defectors that ousted Schwab from The Guardian? I think so.

In addition, a more detailed article in political title, ‘succession’ Nothing at Davos: Elite Conclave Discusses the Next Leader” What comes after Schwab dies. Or is the issue what happens to the $390 million a year business?

Apparently, the members of the WEF simply realized that Tsar Schwab has grown old and has not named an heir to his tyrannical throne. Oh, the rats are fighting for cheese, and $390 million a year is a huge chunk of cheese.

“The WEF has no future ahead of Claus, not just because there is no clear successor, but also because its managing board is a snake’s nest, with the senior leadership at each other’s throats the moment the old man is out. off,” According to the post shared with The Guardian.

schwab “A God Is Complex” A US-based veteran of 20 Davos conferences, Politico said.

Therefore, the mob fears that when Schwab dies, it will be a free-for-all by the greedy Viper of power at the top of the pyramid. Hmm. There’s nothing like a scramble for power to bring out the worst in wealthy vaccos wrestling for green cheese.

my theory

People, I don’t buy it. Musk has spilled the beans, so the scared rats scramble for damage control. Schwab would pretend to resign or retire and name a successor who would pretend to rebrand the Communist-Marxist organization as ‘philanthropic’. The new archetype will be a maternal grandmother with an NPR-like voice and a cheeky grin.

Moral of the story: Never trust the World Economic Forum or anyone affiliated with Klaus Schwab – ever.

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