Op-Ed: Hershey’s Chocolate Can Go Melt Themselves for Using Trans Woman For International Women’s Day

According to the candy giant’s website, the Pennsylvania-based candy company brought back the “She” bar — better known as the “Her” in Canada — in an effort to “celebrate the women who are changing the future.”

Portsmouth, OH – Hershey’s products are no longer allowed in my house. it’s all over. I’m kissing the candy goodbye. My S’mores around the campfire will have a different brand of chocolate sandwiched between the graham crackers.

Outraged social media users are threatening to boycott Hershey after the brand featured a transgender woman in an ad campaign for International Women’s Day 2023. As reported in The New York Post,

The #BoycottHersheys hashtag started trending on Twitter Thursday morning.

The Pennsylvania-based candy company brought back its “She” bar — known in Canada as “Her” — in an effort to “celebrate the women who are changing the future.” According to the candy giant’s website.

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The author of the following tweet is from Abigail Shrier “Irreparable Damage: The Transgender Fad Capturing Our Daughters.”

“You get the feeling that these companies have *always* despised women – they were just waiting for the right time to stick it to us. Here’s the thing about real women, @Hershey: We have long memories.

,My name is Fay Johnstone, I am the Executive Director of Wisdom2ActionJohnstone said in the promo video. ,We can create a world where everyone is able to be their honest and authentic selves in public space. See women changing how we see the future,

meet trans woman in her Twitter account or current youtube,

Johnson (aka man who identifies as female) mourned, “The response to my inclusion as a trans woman in Hershey’s Canada’s IWD campaign shows how far we still have to go in the fight for feminist liberation and trans rights.”

Does he really believe she is a woman or is it just a publicity stunt for attention or money? If not, he fits in with the other delusional men living in gender-fluffy la-la-land.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not stopping. I will always stand for women and girls, cis and trans,” Johnson announced.

So, a man in a dress and high heels is furious because women aren’t accepting him as their candy bar inspiration. Johnson is not allowing women to exercise their freedom of speech and opinion. He can speak his mind, but stays away from the reaction he gets from real women. This is called hypocrisy.


Well, sensible and sensible biological women will always stand up for other biological women, whether straight or lesbian. We are the authentic sisters of womanhood.

released by hershey a press release About the Canadian “HER for SHE” initiative, which includes four other women, including indigenous-rights activist Autumn Peltier and climate-tech researcher Naila Molu. In the release, Hershey said the campaign is about “Canadian women working to create a better future through their passion, activism and work in their communities.”

The confectionery giant will donate $10,000 to each of the respective causes featured in the ads and $30,000 to Girl Up.

So, if Johnson is selected, a bio female would be out in the cold. Let’s bet on the wake winner.

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