Op-Ed: “Reverse Woke Act:” Florida Bill Would Require Employers Covering Costs of Trans Surgeries to Cover Reversal Costs

Florida adopted rules to halt Medicaid coverage last August, and in November, the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine voted to disallow sex-affirmation surgery (aka mutilations) or treatment of adolescents (aka puberty blockers) . File photo: Yes Market Media, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Portsmouth, OH – The “reverse vocal act” is an appropriate name. However, the wordRegret‘ should also be in the title. Sen Blaise Ingoglia, R-Spring Hill, Florida, filed (SB 952), legislation that would require companies that pay for employees to travel to other states for sex transition surgeries also pay for any future transition reversal surgeries performed by regretful or harmed individuals. Have to do

“Businesses waking up to offer to pay for gender-confirming surgery in other states like California need to be held accountable because they are nothing more than political decisions masquerading as health care and human resources decisions,” Ingoglia said in a press release.

At least 27 companies have pledged to pay for travel and transition surgeries for Floridians in other states, the press release said. Employees denied coverage for reverse procedures may sue employers, or former employers, for damages, the bill states.

“Floridians should not be used as political pawns to push a leftist agenda for the governor of California. If these companies truly care about their employees, this should be a no brainer for them. Ingoglia said.

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Ingoglia is using the argument against California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other radical politicians. Although, Newsom could care less about the damage caused by infecting humans, so long as he follows an agenda of tyranny from his maniacal mentor, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum.

“An employee who received gender dysphoria treatment through coverage provided by an employer is entitled to full coverage by the employer of the total costs associated with the treatment that reverses the gender dysphoria treatment if the employee later determines that determines that gender dysphoria treatment was not appropriate for him or her and wishes to reverse the treatment, even if the person was employed by the same employer at the time of such determination,” Bill said.

Florida adopted the rules halting Medicaid coverage last August and in November, the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine voted Do not allow Sex-affirming surgery (aka mutilation) or treatment for adolescents (aka puberty blocker).


Book: “Transgender to Transformed: A Story of Transition That Will Truly Set You Free,” by Laura Perry. Like many people who feel trapped in the wrong body, Laura “transitioned” to the opposite sex through irreversible surgery, hormone injections, and a legal name change. Still, the initial excitement of living as a man Regardless, her new identity failed to bring her the peace and fulfillment she wished for. Realizing she had been lied to, having been promised freedom, she became a prison cell.

Book: “When Harry Became Sally,” by Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. He points out that “not long ago, most Americans had never heard of transgender identity, but within a year it had become a cause claiming civil rights rights.”

,Florida is where woks go to die.“-Sarkari. DeSantis

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