Periodic Audio’s V3 IEMs Are Even More Affordable Starting Today

periodic audio Definitely one of our favorite IEM manufacturers because they ship with a lot of efficiency for the cash. We have been very impressed with their DACs and IEMs and we are completely satisfied with some interesting news to make some changes to their enterprise model.

Consumers largely benefit from this choice who are usually not the last to do so in 2022 or 2023 as inflation actually puts pressure on producers.

V3 IEMs are all made in the United States which makes them expensive to supply, but the model is assured that their new course pays dividends as they are reducing one of the many layers that make up their goods. Makes it more expensive.

Periodic Audio BE V3 ($249)

Periodic Audio has introduced price discounts for its line of V3 in-ear displays that were launched earlier this 12 months. The firm will move directly to the model and consequently transfer the distribution cost-savings to its loyal prospects.

“We feel so strongly that our line of IEMs represent significant value to the consumer,” said Dan Wiggins, co-founder of Periodic Audio. “We have spent years researching materials, acoustic geometry, mechanical architecture, and the relationship between them for a new generation of products. Having worked hard to refine our fabrication and materials processes, eliminating additional operating overhead costs Our next logical step is to reach a wider audience that results in a direct sales model for North America.

The V3 IEMs retain Periodic Audio’s critically acclaimed proprietary sound engines, all developed internally. Their ultra-wideband, high-efficiency, low-distortion, dynamic speaker components are designed to meet the highest degree of reliability.

Periodic Audio Ti V3 ($129)

The material of the in-ear monitor’s physique plays an important role in its sound quality, comfort and reliability. Periodic Audio partnered with Eastman Chemical, which turned a three-year undertaking researching optimal materials for in-ear monitors.

The Periodic Group found that Triton—a new generation of copolyester used in many medical units—provided the most effective measurable and audible enhancements to sound through transient distortion and harmonic distortion of any material measured by the Periodic Group. offered.

Wired headphones have the same level of failure as the wires at all times. The Periodic Audio group took classes from previous classes to enhance the longer duration. Tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) and tip-sleeve (TS) connectors, which were invented in the 1800s, are still used extensively at this time for their distinctive reliability.

However, as a result of no such connector being small enough to fit inside an in-ear monitor, Periodic designed the IDEEL connector.

Periodic Audio Mg V3 IEM
Periodic Audio MG V3 ($99)

Measuring only 3.6mm wide with a mounting depth of 9.5mm, the IDEEL connector matches the typical 2.5mm TS plug. Virtually indestructible, the IDEEL is strong enough to endure the trials of day-to-day attachment and detachment of cables. And if one thing goes wrong, your in-ear monitor funding is safe—you can probably just exchange the cables.

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Periodic Audio also designs its personalized eartips, which are made from medical-grade materials. The eartips provided with each IEM fashion of Periodic are scientifically confirmed to conform to over 95% of the human ear canals.

Additional equipment includes gold-plated and airplane adapters, a 1.2-metre-long cable with a single 3.5mm TRS to twin 2.5mm TS jacks, and metal shells, all housed in a protective carry case.

Periodic Audio C V3 IEM
Periodic Audio C V3 ($499)


  • All designs, engineers and tools in-house—Made in USA
  • All use a single 10mm dynamic transducer – all designed in-house
  • Custom-jacketed, sturdy, removable cables
  • All IEM our bodies are made of Triton copolyester composite for superior strength, gentle weight and minimal resonance
  • Proprietary medical-grade silicone eartips are made in-house in three sizes
  • Five years guarantee against manufacturing defects

price and availability

new price out there now Web site when shipped within North America.

  • Mgv3 (was $199 now $99) – Transducer Content: 96% Pure magnesium (Additional Details Here,
  • Tiv3 (was $299 now $129)—Transducer Material: Pure Titanium (Additional Details Here,
  • Bev3 (was $399 now $249) – Transducer Material: turquoise (Glasses Here,
  • Cv3 (was $499 now $299)—Transducer Material: Lab-Grown Diamond Layer (8μm thick) on Periodic Audio’s proprietary high-temperature polymer substrate (Additional details.) Here,

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