Republicans, Democrats focused on motivating voters to cast their ballots on Tuesday

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Republicans and Democrats across Florida are focusing on getting voters to cast their votes on Tuesday.

In a Town n’ Country neighborhood in Hillsborough County, Democratic workers go door-to-door to persuade people to go to the polls on Tuesday.

“Our main focus is really on the Democrats who haven’t voted yet and are independents and can be persuaded,” said Victor Dimaio of the Democratic Party.

He says this year has not been easy.

“We are fighting a wave and we don’t know where the wave is going and if we can overcome it,” DiMaio said.

Republicans are also working to get people to vote.

“Right now, every man is on the street and the woman is near us and knocking on the door and getting those last minute voters who haven’t made up their mind and don’t make up their mind and decide how they’re going to vote. We are going to do it,” said Republican Party President Jim Vourischuk.

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Both sides are well aware that early voters are small and are working to motivate their side to physically join Tuesday’s election.

Vourischuk said, “In this election we are looking different from the others, people want to go out and vote on election day, old school speaking like we used to do it just one day.”

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