Rian Johnson explains why he turned the ‘Knives Out’ method on its head for ‘Glass Onion’

Netflix may not be recognized for making good choices today, but even they strike gold from time to time, and perhaps the brightest example of all was their encounter with Rian Johnson, who hit Behind the whodunit was the scribe and director Gaffer. knives outWhich gifted him (and the audience) two additional sequels to the homicide thriller.

The first of those sequels, titled Curiously glass onion, a knife out secretIt’s set to hit Netflix this holiday season, and especially judging by the new trailer for the film’s current model, it appears Benoit Blanc’s adventures just didn’t find many rivals within the resilience department.

Indeed, the place is unique knives out Portrayed a subversive reality to the specifics of the murder – and the equally subversive benevolence with which Blanc keeps them in the field – all toward the thematic backdrop of immigration and nepotism, glass onion It seems to be taking a completely different path. Blank, for example, appears to be in as much danger as the remaining innocent-until-proven-guilty events, which themselves comprise a tantalizing spectrum of capitalist dystopia archetypes that we regularly associate with tech choices. So do billionaires, corrupt politicians, and social media influencers who fashion dubious status.

Needless to say, the plight of Thrombey and Blanc’s second tour would only be possible with the detective, as far as the similarities go, and in an interview Entertainment WeeklyJohnson did not cover up the fact that such a strategy was completely intentional.

“Every one I wanted to set right off the bat” [Knives Out movie] going to be a very different animal. Each of them must have its own reason for being and its own subject. It’s not just repeating a formula, but using this style to create a new formula each time.”

Whether you’re a fan of Johnson or an opponent, the daring path to originality takes applause, and it’s a safe guess that there will be plenty of applause. glass onion Makes its banned theatrical bow on November 23 before shifting to its everlasting abode on Netflix on December 23.

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