Samantha talks about performing motion sequences for Yashoda

Samantha is undoubtedly one of the most popular pan India actresses we now have in the film industry. The world was shocked when recently she spoke about an unusual disease called myositis that she is suffering from. Just a few days before the release of his film Yashoda, his fans were very sympathetic to his situation.

Samantha has now talked about the power-packed action sequences that she can be seen starring in Yashoda. With a strong story, this film gives a lot in terms of entertainment. Samantha can be seen playing the role of a surrogate mother fighting the evils of a corrupt medical world and it certainly looks promising.

Commenting on the same, Samantha shared, “The most challenging part of shooting for Yashoda was the action sequences. I enjoy doing action, although I never thought I am meant to do action, it is quite amazing and the love for the genre has been a revelation to me. Although it is grueling, it provides a great adrenaline rush and a great sense of accomplishment to perform the stunts. I am also thankful to my action director Yanik, who has been a great guide and mentor for me. I think the action is great and Yashoda has something to look forward to. ,

What makes the action sequences love for fans in Yashoda is that it has a wide variety of mixes to call a few, from judo to kickboxing to boxing.

Yashoda, played by Hari and Harish, will hit the theaters on November 11.

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