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Samsung has launched two new air purifiers in India. The gadgets are known as the Samsung AX32 and AX46 and can remove 99.97% of nano-sized particles, ultrafine mud, allergens and microbes from the air. Both air purifiers are IoT enabled, which means they are often managed via the web via the Samsung SmartThings app. Air purifiers come at a time when some Indian cities are going through the issue of poor air quality. Here’s every part it’s best to know with regards to the Samsung AX32 and AX46.

Samsung’s air purifiers can cover up to 645 square feet of space

One of the 2 air purifiers covers an extensive space of up to 645 square feet with the help of a front air intake and three way air flow, making them a great addition to gracious bedrooms, hospital rooms, health studios, small school rooms and Makes selection. different areas. The gadgets feature a one-button management that allows the air purifier and cleans the air instantly.

In addition to what is mentioned above, these devices can also destroy dangerous volatile natural compounds, including formaldehyde. Since the gadgets are IoT-enabled, customers can swap them out, check high air quality and various management options via the Samsung SmartThings app.

The new range of air purifiers also includes a multi-layered high efficiency purification system, which includes a washable pre-filter, an activated carbon deodorant filter and a dust-collection filter. Its dust collector uses an anti-bacterial zinc oxide material.

Samsung AX32 and AX46 Specs and Price

The Samsung AX32 has a clear air supply charge of 320 cubic meters per hour and 356 square feet of security space. The gadget weighs 6.9 kg and can be placed anywhere in the room. As per the official press launch, it is priced at Rs. 12,990.

The Samsung AX46, on the other hand, has a clear air supply charge of 467 cubic meters per hour, which is higher than the Samsung AX32 and can cover up to 645 square feet of space. Large air purifiers have a laser PM. 1.0 sensor and PM 2.5 filter.

Apart from this, it is equipped with a 4-colour stage indicator. Although the air purifier is barely heavy, it has 4 wheels, making it easy to hold around large areas. The Samsung AX46 price in India is set at Rs. 32,990.

Both the gadgets include two modes, Auto Mode and Sleep Mode. While the rear senses air pollution and adjusts the comfort and fan speed, Sleep Mode creates a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. They can be found on the company’s official web site, Samsung’s specialty stores, and various mainline electronics stores.

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