Signal customers can now share and create Stories

Stories are currently available to everyone on Signal, which allows subscribers of the encrypted on-the-spot messaging service to create and share photos, movies and texts that regularly expire after 24 hours.

The feature was first introduced last month Signal Community Forum, where it was initially made available to beta testers of Signal. Now, with desktop support “coming soon”, the feature is rolling out immediately on Signal’s latest model (v6.0) for all Android and iOS customers.

Custom stories will be created for situations where you only want to share content with a specific group of individuals.
Image: Signal

Signal customers may have the flexibility to specify who can see their story by going to Settings > Stories. From there, customers can limit which Signal connections can view content, both by approving select contacts and offering group chats or by manually hiding stories from particular people. In the current group chat one can view a shared story with feedback and reactions from various group members.

A screengrab of the Signal app settings for Stories.

Users can limit who is ready to view stories, disable view receipts, or flip the Stories feature entirely in app settings.
Image: Signal

You can limit stories to specific teams, such as family members or co-workers. As is the case with all the options built into Signal, stories are encrypted end-to-end and subsequently inaccessible to anyone you haven’t specified to view them – as well as with Signal. Stories will regularly disappear 24 hours after sharing, and you can even delete them manually, it is recommended to delete them immediately.

Stories may actually seem like an unusual (and even annoying) deal with such a strong deal with privacy and security, though Signal claims it’s asking its World customers “the most common feature”. One of the requests”. “People use them, people want them, so we’re providing a way to do stories privately and without going through a sea of ​​ads,” says Nina Burman, author of Signal Group. Blog post announcing the Stories feature,

For those of you who don’t want to see individual customer stories or create and share them yourself, you’ll be able to disable the feature by going to Settings > Stories > Turn off stories. Signal hasn’t informed any contacts or friends that you’ve opted out to watch the stories of both, so you’ll have to admit to yourself for those who have been spot on about either movie, They feel like they’re sending their point of view.

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