Soon it will likely be simply ‘Siri’ and never ‘Hey Siri’

Tech giant Apple has embarked on a mission to change its ‘Hey Siri’ voice assistant trigger phrase to just ‘Siri’, to make the process less complicated. According to of bloomberg Mark Gurman, the brand new feature has been in development for the past several months, and is more likely to launch next year or in 2024. Also Read – Apple warns of restricted iPhone 14 Pro availability amid Covid-19 restrictions at manufacturing facility

Apple may change the ‘Hey Siri’ set to ‘Siri’

This means that in order to activate Wise Assistant, one only has to say “Siri” followed by a command. This will help Apple quickly process back-to-back requests for the voice assistant. Also Read – Samsung says Apple is more likely to launch a foldable pill by 2024

To successfully perform the specific task, the company will have to undertake “significant AI training and underlying engineering work”, as Wise Assistant will want to recognize the only wake-up phrase in a wide range of pronunciations and dialects, the report said. Also Read – How to Translate Text Content Using Digital Camera on iPad with latest iPadOS 16

The two-word set-off phrase “Hey Siri” helps more in recognizing the voice.

In addition, Apple is expected to add Siri deeper into third-party apps and providers and improve its ability to understand the speaker and take appropriate action.

Earlier this year, Apple launched a fifth ‘American’ voice for its Siri voice assistant in the beta of iOS 15.4.

Apple’s user-facing interface is called “Voice 5”, although iOS developer Steve Moser pointed out that its filename refers to the brand new voice as “Quinn”.

Voice came less than a year after Apple added its last two American Siri voices, and had defaulted to using a female-voiced voice.

In separate news, it is rumored that Apple is about to launch a new foldable system in 2024. Samsung recently revealed that the Cupertino-based Tech Large is embarking on a foldable pill that can launch quickly. Notably, Apple does not agree with the idea of ​​the current foldable smartphone available in the market, so it may launch a foldable tablet as an alternative to the iPhone.

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