SPY x FAMILY Episode 18 Review: Anya Vs The Midterm | AVR

Spy x Family Episode 18 Review: Anya Vs The Midterm | AVR

Add Kelly (Daily COG), Christine (No Mercy Podcast) and Brian (pulpmethos on Youtube) As they return to the deadly world of espionage, geopolitics, and peanut-loving, psychic children. Welcome to Detective X Family! In this series a deadly detective puts together a fake family on a mission to avoid ruining the world. However, there are some issues. One, the missile is a killer, and the other downside? Daughter can learn mind. One, the missile is a killer, and the other downside? Daughter can learn mind. Oh, and now there’s a canine seeing the future! Come watch and rate SPY x FAMILY: Mission 18!

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Kyle: B+
Christine: B+
Brian: B

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