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If David Jones and Andre Carbello had any questions about the move to St John’s on the court, both answered the Red Storm’s season-opening win over Merrimack on Monday.

Jones highlights His shooting prowess from the floor, shooting the game 8-of-16 for a high 21-point finish, and Carbello’s energetic style seemed to throw Merrimack away from the kitter. Both players were two of Johnny’s off-season awards for leaping from DePaul and Illinois.

Jones was already expected to play a big part in trying to help fill the void left by Julian Champagne, who turned pro after last season. Against Merrimack, Jones contributed half of St John’s total three-pointers and shot just under 50% from outside the arc.

But it was more than just his shooting that head coach Mike Anderson noted.

“You talk about his three-point shooting, I think he’s a slasher who can reach the basket,” Anderson said. “I think he puts in the time on his shot, but I love his movement on the glass. I really believe the uptempo (style) will make him an even better player. Now he’s catching the ball in space and We’ve seen him make a little Eurostep. Went to the basket and he’s able to do that. And he’s also a pretty good passer at times. … I like the patience he plays with. He’s very strong tonight Play together.”

The St. John’s coach was referring to Jones’ 10 rebounds and a blocked shot.

Curbelo certainly plays with a high tempo of his own, which was highlighted by some of his early work in the first half. The former Illini guard made the Red Storm’s first basket of the season from a turnover in the paint.

In the latter half, Carbello’s aggressive style forced the trade on the inside and allowed him to feed the posh Alexander for a slam dunk during a 6–0 run that changed the game for St John’s. There were questions about how the Red Storm star and Transfer would play out with each other, but it wasn’t an issue.

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“He’s my boy,” Alexander said of coexistence with Kerbello. “As I’ve said before, having a partner like him was just a blessing. Just to show everyone, because that was everybody’s biggest question. How are you going to work now? Shown everything today. Like I said earlier Our defense tonight was incredible. Me and he are both lifting 94 feet, stealing, playing each other. I see him in a fastbreak, I kick him and he scores.

“I get the same thing for him as it is for me. He becomes hypnotized to me and we built our brotherhood back on that trip to (the Dominican Republic). Also practice daily. Me and him each other competing against and just making each other better.”

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