‘Star Wars’ followers know precisely who to take with them to take down Palpatine

There will be no shortage of highly effective force-fielders within you star wars The prequel trilogy period to choose from to help with the potential conflict with Chev Palpatine. This was a time when Jedi roamed the galaxy at large as warriors of peace and justice; however, they usually numbered in the dozens, if not tons.

Unsurprisingly, when Mace Windu decides to confront the Chancellor for his betrayal, several capable Jedi Masters, including Yoda, Obi-Wan, Plo Koon, and even Ki-Adi-Mundi, appear in several theaters. were fighting. Clone Wars. Mace defeats him in a lightsaber fight, although within the first few seconds of the duel all his allies have fallen on the Sith Lord’s bleeding red saber.

Now, let’s reverse the clock and let’s say you just, like star wars Vidya stalwarts and diehard geeks have been in Windu’s place. Who would you choose to fight with you to the emperor? Windu was thrown out of a window, however in this event you had your pick from the deep star wars Historical past pool, maybe the odds are on your side, no matter Anakin’s intervention.

Well, apparently as far as most followers see it, Windu should be most likely to chase Anakin the wild-goose, if he didn’t really want to entangle the person.

Others are already going into this struggle defeated, no less than within the head, so they can take down another traitor with them.

If they were going to die so easily, maybe Windu should have gone with someone, but so did all three. Yes, Palpatine is formidable as the person on the dark side within the galaxy, although that’s no excuse for a fully trained Jedi to go down like that.

Mace Windu with his aggressive saber type and Yoda as well as his in-depth data of the force is most likely what you want.

Surprisingly, and somewhat blasphemous, Ahsoka Tano’s lack of answers there. Let’s just hope that whenever Palps decides to go on “Unlimited Power” mode, you can handle whatever you choose to carry yourself.

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