Steve-O Recalls Original Jackass Movie Stunt He Refused To Do

Steve-O remembers a stunt from Anokhi donkey The film he refused to do. donkey Premiered as a TV show on MTV in 2000. Created by Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze and star Johnny Knoxville, the guerrilla-style currently adopted skaters, “stuntmen” and various figures of the early-aughts underground scene as they filmed daring pranks and stunts typically consisting of public humiliation. or physical injury. The show ran for 3 brief seasons, but spawned some film variations, as well as TV spinoffs such as wildboys And Viva la balm.

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One of the legendary members in addition to the unique donkey The crew was Steve-O. After starting his performance at the flea market circus, he was found by Tremaine. donkey The co-producer received a few video submissions from him showcasing his desi stunts. Steve-O’s fame has since grown donkey Voting. His public battle with substance abuse was described on the MTV show Steve-O: Death and Rise, and he loved the visitor signs on reality packages like dancing with the Stars And British relations present Love Island. He also starred in a short-lived USA series called Dr. Steve-O.

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in an interview with Yahoo selling your latest memoir a hard kick inside the maniacSteve-O remembers a stunt he refused to do, the famous “toy car up the butt” stunt. donkey Thin layer. The sequence relates to pranking a proctologist by inserting a lubricated toy automobile into his butt and asking the doctor for an X-ray. The stunt was finally executed by the late Ryan Dunn, who died in an automobile accident in 2011:

I got all this good footage backing it up. And the way it performed for Ryan [Dunn], there was nothing that could possibly be modified to make it even better. That was probably the most iconic, unbelievable factor we ever filmed.

Other Stunts The Jackass Actors Refused To Do

The “Toy Car Up the Butt” Stunt Wasn’t a Stunt donkey The actors refused to perform. In an earlier interview, Steve-O described how he once planned to put the concrete into the bounce house and send it to the ski soar ramp, though realizing that the generator might have been right behind him inflating the construction. , he determined it was too damaging to the target. Knoxville has also said that Steve-O flat out refused to bungee Soar, even though he himself now gives up on anything cold-related.

It’s quite shocking that Steve-O refuses to fly high, thinking he’s proven he’s not afraid of heights after taping himself on a Hollywood billboard for a particular ad. The cold climate also appears to be a very mundane red-line for Knoxville, with what he considered more dangerous hijinks, as well as suffering mental damage after suffering an attack from a charging bull. But, all people have their limits, and after a few long years of weird and perhaps fatal stunts, it’s smart that donkey The remaining fears of the crew would lie in additional losses on a regular basis.

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