Supernatural: 15 Most Cringeworthy Parts, According To Reddit

For all the creativity and at times genius divine introduced to his faithful fantasy, and not the whole work in which the present labored; In fact, a handful of issues that were tried turned out to be painfully serious. The collection contained some great concepts, although some of these ideas didn’t translate to the screen, which caused TV to win over followers to the embarrassment of the present they love so much.

The present was restricted in its funding and sources, so that contributed to a number of issues that did not work out. but because divine As the Reddit aspect can attest, there are currently a number of serious components, from full episodes to definitive Winchester foes.

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Updated by Aya Sintziras on November 6th, 2022: With the arrival of the supernatural spin-off The Winchesters, which centers on Dean as his parents Mary Campbell and John Winchester fell in love, followers are re-watching the favorite drama. It’s enjoyable to see more of this backstory because it is so central to the story of Dean and Sam and the way they deal with the extraordinary circumstances they work on. But while viewers love watching older episodes, there are some quotes, character-driven moments, and even full episodes that don’t feel like they slot in with the rest of the collection. These issues seem straightforward to really disturbing and Redditors usually focus on what they believe is complicated and strange about the supernatural.

Ruby’s “Wonderful” Speech

Demon is a big part of Ruby divine But that is not always what the audience likes. Redditor Fred_the_skeleton Said that in terms of the serious aspects, “To me, it’s Ruby’s ‘I’m awesome’ speech.”

While Ruby is a confident character and it’s nice to see, she tells the truth that she is so superior, and it doesn’t look like a thing she should be saying. Fans can tell that Ruby has a lot of shallowness.

Dean’s “We Are One Family” Speech

the largest part of divine Sam and Dean have a bond, although it can sometimes go too far. Redditor Slidity said “they were good whenever Dean gives his ‘We’re a Family Speech'” but they are used so it usually doesn’t seem necessary.

Since fans can tell that Dean and Sam are close and that not only do they get pleasure from each other’s company, but they care a lot for each other, it is not necessary for Dean to remind the audience often that they are always going to be there for each other because they are blood.

Castiel & Meg’s “Pizza Man” Moment

In Season 6, Castiel watches an adult movie known as Pizza Man and then mentions it to his love curiosity, Meg. When he kisses Meg, he explains, “I learned from Pizza Man.” Redditor Dared Wren Said “So forced. So random. So cringeworthy. It came out of nowhere and was so unnatural for the character, and didn’t work at all.”

While Castile is a fan favorite character and her romance with Meg is good, the scene was too much for a lot of followers who find it strange. As the Redditor talked about, this doesn’t look like a thing that Castiel would actually say. It makes the other feel really unusual, not overly romantic.

Alex, Claire and Jodie’s dinner scene

In the season 11 episode “Don’t You Forget About Me,” Sam has dinner with three female characters, and it’s not something everyone seems to need. redditor heathahr wrote that “the awkward dinner scene with Claire, Alex, and Jody was so cringe-worthy.”

While the episode is heartwarming in some ways, as Jodie Mills is taking care of two high school students and doing their best to help, fans felt it was a good time to get through the dinner scene. was powerful.

“Sam, Interrupted”

In Season 5, Dean and Sam are embroiled in a case where a demon is hurting patients at a mental hospital. They resolve that the easiest way to deal with it is to suffer for a while on their own. redditor brennofarth said “Episode Sam, Interrupted I avoid entirely because it was too harsh, but mostly the whole pudding scene.”

While this is sensible to Sam and Dean, it doesn’t really seem like the cleanest way to determine the thriller. Since the brothers are so intelligent and so good at working through paranormal issues, there were high hopes for this episode that didn’t come true.

“Dog Dean Afternoon”

“Dog Dean Afternoon” is generally viewed as an incredible and re-watchable episode. divine, There are a fantastic few Redditors, like The_BravinatorThose who visualize this episode and its particular aspects are extremely intriguing.

“A dog who pets Sam, to be precise.” Identified by the Redditor is the second one that stands out. There is no doubt that this episode has quite the wild idea and its jokes are not going to land for everyone. It’s interesting to see the truth that so many people take for granted when it has been praised as a brilliant episode of the latter season in any other respect.


Essentially one of the most notorious components divine Fifteen years of race is “Bloodlines”, a backdoor pilot that didn’t work anyway and was considered serious by Redditors like oppressive fire,

The Redditor initially lists the Witch’s appearance in “About Dean” as one of the most important moments of the present before finally stating, “That, and of course the entire episode of 9×20: Bloodlines. ” This feeling is mutual among many of them divine Fantasy that usually skips “Bloodlines” and takes a look at its greatest not to consider it.

Racist Ghost Truck

season 1 divine There are equally good monster-of-the-week episodes like “Bloody Mary,” “Devil’s Trap,” “Scarecrow,” and Extra. “Route 666” will not be one-of-a-kind and is considered difficult by many to RachelGrechael can attest.

They declare that “the entirety of the Racist Ghost Truck episode.” The present is the second most difficult in history, and it’s easy to see why. The episode’s Ghost Truck is seen by many as one of the worst monsters of all time, making a really weak entry in the episode’s current story list. Possessed vehicles and automobiles often do not work, and this episode divine Wasn’t different at all.

season 15 ghosts

At the beginning of Season 15, the mixed spirits of Hell launched by Chuck and roaming the streets trying to spread chaos, and they don’t feel good doing so. redditor kakbakur The 15 episodes from the three early seasons play out factors in how important they have been in that regard.

They say that when the ghosts were “literally on the run,” it was “such an embarrassment to the show.” The myriad ghosts seen in broad daylight are considered ridiculous, and it’s easy to see why longtime followers became outraged by seeing them that way. divine Either way there wasn’t enough funding for gorgeous CGI or top-tier results. Still, the spirits are not perceived as dangerous or dire in any way as they do in the opening episodes of the show’s final season.


With “Bloodlines” out there because the episode is most often considered the worst currently by fantasy, “Bugs” undoubtedly has a cringe issue that makes it more sustainable to get through a cheesy Redditor. blank pages agrees with.

They say this is probably the worst episode of the collection, adding that they “mostly think it’s the cringe factor involved in that episode.” From bugs to lack of story judgment to using a Native American curse, it’s an early swing and missed by the creators.


As mentioned earlier, divine There wasn’t a lot of money for expensive episodes or good computer generated villains and monsters. That means the collection was ‘A Dragon’s iteration, as Redditor lucaslawoi12 They say, quite serious.

He says that Dragon “made me question how low the show’s budget is.” It’s easy to know how the dragon can drive away followers who question it. In any case, it’s only one man. Viewers can easily forgive the show for such things, but that doesn’t change how excruciating and painful some issues get to watch.

Sam’s Memories of Amelia

Season 8 divine Tested in a very favorable manner. However, almost all followers hate the romance between Sam and Amelia, which is considered serious by many who like it. A deleted Redditor,

They say that “Sam’s flashbacks about Amelia are absolutely terrifying.” In response to the question what is the worst second of the show. This is an opinion shared by many in the fantasy world who can’t stand the flashbacks or the romance of Sam and Amelia. Looking at the scenes it makes sense that Dean is in Purgatory in which Sam is showing no real urgency or that the need to find him only makes them worse.

Becky Drugs Samu

One of the most disliked and controversial characters in the collection is Becky who extends her love for Sam too far when she takes drugs and marries him, in one of many current’s most uncomfortable stories, branded cringeworthy by Reddit. impossible_ad_6167,

Along with a few different episodes, he listed “Becky drugging Sam, marrying him, and tying him to bed” as the hardest moment. divine, Most followers, in fact those who understand how terrible what Becky is doing, actually feel – at the very least – uncomfortable seeing Becky doing this to Sam. This made him quite unreliable to a lot of people.

Sam’s Old Man Wig

“Carry On” is considered an unqualified finale by many fandoms. One of its strangest and worst moments has nothing to do with the story, however appropriately crafted it is. Old Sam, in particular, who is ragged by many, with Redditor SiriusLaser,

in answer to the question of divine The hardest moment, he says, is “the finale of Sam’s “back man” wig. It hurt me.” Low budget, after which it is. The wig is so menacing and so startling that it takes away from a deeply emotional sequence where Sam remembers Dean. This leaves followers – for a few minutes – crying reasonably more than having fun with their heart-wrenching goodbyes. supernaturaL letter.

Michael Vs. lucifer

Essentially when speaking about the most serious issues divineMost followers, along with Redditor yukitakedaThe Apocalypse World will level in the direction of Michael’s conflict with Lucifer.

The Redditor says they “scream at the fight scene, especially when they’re brawling in the air,” and they don’t seem to have one. After Season 5 promised a fight that could tear Earth apart, Season 13 gave viewers a faint fight between two men on the stars. It’s hard to see, not only because of the cringe issue but also as a result of understanding what it might have been in comparison to what it was.

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