Sylvester Stallone Says Studio Wants to Make Another ‘Rocky’

Creed II Ended with a scene which I found very shocking. After the title character receives extreme conflict, he refers his coach Rocky Balboa to have a good time. Rocky punches him, but does not enter the ring. “It’s your time,” Balboa advised Creed.

And then, as a sad model of rocky With the theme music performed, Rocky took his seat at ringside and adjusted his trademark hat.

Rocky loved it – but how else can you earn? cult Movies without Rocky Balboa? Obviously, you probably can, as Creed III Coming to theaters next spring without Rocky or Sylvester Stallone. When I talked to Creed IIThe director of the film, Steven Capel Jr., requested at the launch of the film whether or not the film was intended as a farewell to Rocky, urging that the 2 characters be cut into separate franchises: a cult sequence and a rocky Order.

in a new interview with Hollywood ReporterStallone mainly corroborates that concept by saying that while he is not in Creed IIIThe studio that owned the idea “wanted another” rocky” From him, But, at least so far, he has not agreed to do so due to his continued frustration with the fact that while he created the Rocky character, wrote almost all of his films, and acted well in them, he is not personal. rights to produce their signatures. (The franchise’s longtime creator personalizes the fabric.)

a possible seventh rocky film, Stallone said, “I was ready to do it. But I said, ’45 years later, can we change the playing field a little bit? Level it up? Can’t I get a piece of what I’ve done for so many years? Made before?'”

Stallone claims he didn’t even need a piece from the earlier films, just this new one that was up for discussion. “I don’t want anyone to control it,” he said. “If I write it and the studio agrees to do it, it’s done.”

Obviously, the matter was not resolved, because until now it is brand new. rocky not happening. and on the condition that Stallone on this similar interview says no of any sort of compromise rocky Right Is “Never Happening” We May Really Need To See The Italian Stallion’s Finals Onscreen Within The Last Moments Creed II. Creed III It is scheduled to open in theaters on March 3, 2023.

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