Terrifier 2 Was Just As Brutal To Film As It Was To Watch

As it sounds, Chris Jericho is a fan of horror motion pictures, especially “Terrifire”. The AEW wrestler stumbled upon the first movie while scrolling through Netflix years ago, and it blew him away. “It was the best horror movie I think I’ve seen in almost 20 years, which I considered [to be] The next iconic serial killer we haven’t seen in horror movies for 25 years,” said Jericho. To be part of the film, Lyon explored a small role as Burke for Jericho, who went to Miles County Psychiatric Hospital. K was a security guard, who can be seen in the film’s mid-credits stinger.

In the scene, Jericho has to chew on a plate of this Halloween-themed gelatin show that almost makes him vomit. screen rent,

“I think it was almost like a custard with plastic candy, and I had to eat like five of them. And they were cold, and they were gelatinous. And it was really getting kind of happening to me. was really gross. and i remember [Damien] It was like, ‘Can you just eat one more?’ And I was like, ‘Man, I’ll eat one more, and then that’s it! Because if I have to do one more of these, I’m bullshit.'”

Of the total consequences of making people sick in “Terrifire 2,” it’s the last one you’ll trigger a reaction to, though the longer you stare at the zombie platter, the smarter you’ll be. No one will take the name of this slime appetizing plate. Still, Jericho is aware that this is all part of the making of a horror film, saying, “You’ve got to eat too many gelatinous eyeballs.”

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