That large ‘Percy Jackson’ announcement has followers craving for an OG solid member to make his godly return

Image courtesy Twentieth Century Fox, via Twitter

A model new solid member was introduced for the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians sequel on Disney Plus, and fans won’t be happy with it. The news shocked followers, one of many Authentic Solid members wishing to return to the franchise.

Sequence recently introduced that hamiltonKay Lin Manuel Miranda has been cast as Hermes in the upcoming series. However, not many fans were happy with the recent news. Fans thought the series would announce someone big, only to be deeply disappointed by the announcement. Fans longed for Logan Lerman’s return to the franchise, this time as Poseidon.

Lerman plays Percy Jackson in Authentic Percy Jackson Film sequences in 2010 and 2013. Fans imagine that bringing in Lerman as Poseidon again could be an epic return to the sequel, as it would be a good Easter egg for many who watch the film.

As much as fans want Lerman to play the God of the Sea in the franchise again, the actor is now involved in multiple assignments, making it difficult for him to join the series. One of them is an upcoming romantic comedy titled threesomewith bridgertonPhoebe Diener.

If Lerman’s position is just a small cameo that won’t take that long to shoot, it probably has. Especially since he expressed happiness over the return of the franchise in August. For now, followers can only dream of Lerman’s return as a god this time.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Will be launched on Disney Plus. The launch date for the sequence is yet to be announced.

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