The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 22 Review: Faith

Family is a fantastic leverage, especially in this world. Herschel Magee has a significant concern throughout this course. When she can’t find Coco, Rosita (Christian Serratos) begins torturing the injured prison warden for information. Maggie, erroneously believing she was imagining Herschel’s voice, breaks down crying over Carol’s shoulder, each in a classic scene for Lauren Cohn and Melissa McBride. Milton not only uses the family for her captors, she uses the family for her citizens (all of whom have to work to help her family) and her personal guard (the Witness, whose ailing brother is dying). , rejects his switch request). The Warden (Michael Weaver, familiar to me fake-reality Joe Shamo Show) uses the same tactics as Milton on both guards, refusing the request to switch because it was accomplished without him going through, and the prisoners drag Negan into his office and his wife and children. Ask him to cooperate with your investigation into a possible rebellion.

It’s perfectly arranged by scripts from Nicole Mirante-Matthews and Magali Lozano, each with Khary Peyton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan actually promoting the chance of Negan’s betrayal to save a factor she ever needed. Negan, as he points out, is not properly liked among the rest of Alexandria and even less well-liked by the individuals he has caught up with. He’s got no friends, and no one other than Annie (Madina Singhor) is eager to stick his neck out for him, making it clear that he’ll likely consider turning the group on. His acrimonious dealings with Ezekiel also advance that opportunity. It’s Negan, he’s smiling in front of the authority, and he clearly has a plan that doesn’t necessarily involve the rest of him. That’s what Negan does in any case. He spent half a season preserving secrets and techniques from everyone but Carol, so why would he let people into his current plan?

Spartacus second is, of course, good, and it’s touching to see a group of people who find themselves concerned within the rebellion try to throw their lot with Negan, and Peyton the big motivator. Does such a great job with speeches that really feel extra real and more of Ezekiel’s character than he needs. Once upon a time, everyone in The Saviors was Negan, along with Eugene (who brings it up in his trial run), and that was a bad factor. Now, in this moment, everyone is as much a touch factor as basically Negan, just touching enough that with the right Ezekiel speech, the firing squad lowers their weapons (except for one man who has to be shot). should), and stability takes energy away from the warden in tense moments. Rose Troche does it properly, and takes all the stress out of it, and the shift is completed properly and smart given the apparent unhappiness of the fixed guards.

It is good that fighting the good fight on the one hand bears fruit, because it does not pay off for the former savior Eugene. Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) tries her best to save him from the gallows, although Vicki Lawrence sings in “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”, blood stains are bought on her fingers within town, and a The innocent man is about to be hanged after the present trial. Not that it’s a lot; Repairs are clearly underway, and all the murmurs and unhappiness of the people within the court have not changed until Mercer’s CP is out with weapons and bayonets and truncheons. Ezekiel’s speech changed hearts and minds; Eugene’s voice falls on deaf ears, but they try to equalize.

You win some and you lose some. The placement of Eugene’s kangaroo court docket ahead of Negan’s revolt is a good placement, as that major loss resulted in a blowout of sorts; Eugene talks more trouble than anyone in his own way, and Yumiko is an Ivy League lawyer. If anyone should be able to get Perry Mason out of this trouble, it could be him. And but, she won’t, while the obnoxious Negan prepares to flip the tables on his jailers with the help of friends and a few sympathetic guards.

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