Tim Dillon: ‘Making Woke Garbage Might Be Over’

Tim Dillon sounds like Howard Stern circa 1996.

The “Tim Dillon: A Real Hero” star talks about how the rules that are currently awake don’t apply to him. Dylan takes the place of devil’s advocate for a second in a heated case, then later has a good grasp on a geopolitical question.

It is an unexpected rant full of wisdom and knowledge.

Anything Plays on “The Tim Dillon Show,” a motive Netflix signed him up exclusively for “Hero.”

So when Dylan says change is in the air regarding comedy, it’s worth noting.

Dylan invited fellow comedian Bobby Kelly to “Fourth of July” fame in his most up-to-date podcast episode. The duo showed a sense of humor about food dependency, comedy stylings and more.

Mid-chat, he emphasized a portion of the phrase “business” on each comedy and current venture.

“Streamers … they’re all broke,” Dylan noted, each referring to the ways Netflix and Warner Bros.

“They’re losing a lot of money. I ain’t got a note on that [Netflix] Special… I think it’s going to go the other way, where people are like, ‘We have to make money.’ These are all businesses. All these people have mortgages. People forgot about it. They’re like, ‘Oh, we can just win an Emmy and write articles about how great we are.’ Eventually, there has to be some money to be made and some good to happen,” Dillon noted.

Dylan noted, “Just waking up can end up making trash, and people are like, ‘Let things be good.’

“Funny always wins in the end,” noted Kelly, whose new comedy special “Kill Box” Started entirely on LouisCK.com.

The backlash comes after Warner Bros. Discovery pulled the plug on a seemingly awakened superhero movie, “Batgirl,” while Netflix bailed on applications from equally progressive darlings Abraham x Kendy and Meghan Markle.

The New York Times recently shared how Hollywood insiders tend to have second thoughts about adopting a wake-up mindset, acknowledging misplaced income, and a cultural over-reformation.

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