Tom Berenger Is a Semi-Retired Special Ops Assassin in Trailer for BLACK WARRANT — GeekTyrant

We’ve got a trailer for the brand new motion thriller from Saban Films so you can check out the title black warrant, The title is a direct reference to a “black warrant”, which is a writ authorizing the execution specifically, for someone to have a warrant taken out.

Film stars tom beranger As a former special ops assassin who crosses paths with a DEA agent, Jeff Fahey (Cam Gigandet, On different missions with the same objective… “to stop a cyber terrorist organization that has created a dangerous machine that threatens to attack the power grid and bring destruction to the world.”

It’s just kind of forgettable action movies. I still don’t understand how and why such films are made. People have tried to explain it to me, but of course it doesn’t make sense.

The film was directed by Tibor Takasi ,Metal Messiah, The Gate 1 & 2, I’m Madman, Bad Blood, Deadly Past, Sabotage, Redline, Sanctuary, Nostradamus, Killer Rats, Lies & Illusions, destruction los angelesAnd Shock) Movie Stars Additionally Rodrigo Abed, Sara Syed, Helena Haros, Jonathan AvigdoricAnd Joe Chakona,

black warrant Ready to launch on 9th December.

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