Twitter’s resolution for ruining verification is one other checkmark

twitter is running each other The type of checkmarks to help differentiate accounts that customers really need to know are genuine. While you can pay for the blue checkmark with Twitter Blue’s brand new model, select accounts for governments, firms or public figures will get a gray “official” checkmark, based on a thread by Twitter’s Esther Crawford, who is leading the brand. New Twitter Blue Initiative.

“A lot of people have asked how you’ll be able to differentiate between @TwitterBlue customers with a blue checkmark and accounts verified as official, which is why we’re using the “official” label to select accounts when they launch. are introduced, ” crawford says,

“Accounts receiving it include government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers and certain public figures.”

Being pre-verified doesn’t mean you’ll get a brand new “official” label, and you can’t buy a brand new label, which means Twitter will decide who gets it. Crawford shared a screenshot of the label on the @Twitter account, but it’s definitely not accurate still on accountSo it appears that the label has not been rolled out.

However, that strategy is reactive as an alternative to proactive; If someone is spreading misinformation, the moderators will have a chance to act before they can act. The company understands this at some stage, given its current solution to delay new checkmarks and new verifications until after the US midterm election on Tuesday’s rollout of the system.

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