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A few days ago, Musk-led Twitter fired half of its team in India, including about 200 employees. According to Musk himself, the explanation behind the layoffs is that the microblogging platform is working on a day-to-day shortfall of $4M, roughly Rs. 32 crores. However, multiple reports suggest that the tech mogul has taken out nearly $13 billion in loans to collect Twitter, and the interest is more than $1 billion per year, which also suggests that Twitter offers a new Blue subscription for $7.99. Why are you so inclined to get started? one month. Yet, amid the chaos, India’s Union IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has criticized Twitter’s decision to lay off its employees in India.

Union IT Minister condemns layoffs on Twitter

In a public statement, Vaishnav said, “We condemn the manner in which Twitter has sacked employees in India. As mentioned earlier, Twitter fired about 200 of its employees in India on the same day it laid off half of its employees by electronic mail. Additionally, Vaishnav says Twitter should have given employees “reasonable time to transition”. Vaishnav may refer to the exact time of transition that the notice period is given to employees if their company has to lay them off. However, according to Musk, all of these fired people received a three-month severance.

Twitter India fired employees from a range of departments including advertising, gross sales, content curation to company communications. He lost access to the company’s official Slack channel and their official electronic mail handle. While many Indian employees still work for the company, they fear they may eventually meet the same fate. In a related increase, Twitter has seen a sharp drop in its total sales revenue, which is its main source of earnings.

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