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Barcelona loses position after falling only one level to Valencia (84-83), even though that tight rating no longer displays forests, due to the fact that the house crew would have been in a position to reach the bottom of the previous lot Was . He lacked some pulse and a lot of strength once he got better on the court. With this result, the Euroleague is squeezed into its great arena. Fenerbahce is first, and, in that order, Madrid, Baskonia and Barça occupy the next put. Valencia, resurgent, are one win away from the cut.

Jasekevicius was no longer pleased with the destruction, except as a result of it. Barcelona’s trainer commented, “We are lucky to have only three things behind, because we are not competing, so his colleague on the second bench, Alex Mumbru, will be happy with his team’s game.” , But now not so much in terms of ratings, although the selection is meagre. He requested additional protection in the second part, to prevent the barca from destroying its crew in the attack.

Both were in their prime of the match, very close by that point, and that remained so for the next 10 minutes. Barcelona’s star didn’t shine in the first 20, however, despite the usual demands of his trainer, with the team working for him to prevent Valencia packing up as they wanted from the outset. Except for Laprovitola, no Barca player was affected by the shot, so his massive presence on the rebound had no visible effect on the score, which, with its ups and downs, almost always favored the home team. With Harper impressing, the Valencian game got better.

With the comeback after the destruction, and those 3 issues of the advantage of the Mumbru crew (41-38), Barca gave the impression of possibly being turned on because of Jasikevicius’s Filipica in the dugout. Immediately, the birthday party changed sides after scoring 2-10 in the opening minutes. However Mirotic used to be no longer impressed and only Kalinic and Wesley were with the cadence of the ubiquitous Laprovitola.

Something different happened in Valencia, which recovered from the crater. Rivero, tough in the light bulb, and Dbljevic, who has a knack for knowing how to pick the right moment in every second of a game, cornered a Harper in a state of grace.

However, despite the sensations, Valencia could not escape the scoreboard, so he had to keep rowing until the end. Despite their brutal defending in the final minutes, and Barcelona’s low offensive motivation, the result was up in the air with only a minute and a half left. Ten issues narrowed the lead to 4 with 1m 30s to go after Laprovitola’s 7th triple, and with a final time of only 15 seconds. Good amateur players show up at critical moments. Mirotic, who missed seven threes, was given the first to tie the game at 81–80, but LaProvitola missed the one that would have tied the game. When Kalinic added his last 3 points, the clock was already ticking down.

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