Was Old Valyria Really as Great because the Targaryens Claim?

even though dragon house prepared two centuries before the occasions of game of ThronesCollections point to earlier occasions that occur much earlier within the timeline George RR Martinimaginary universe. There is a great emphasis within the first season on the legacy of Aegon I Targaryen, the great conqueror who united six of the Seven Kingdoms and founded the Targaryens as Westeros had a major supply of energy. However, there is a historical past that accompanies the legacy of the ruined metropolis of Valeria in Essos even before Aegon.

We’ve seen and heard many callbacks to Valyrian Freehold’s kingdom of good. daemon (Matt Smith) and Rainera (Emma D’Arcy) are married in a historic Valyrian ceremony, the significance of the power of the Valyrian metal, and the dragons we see within the collection are descendants of ancestors in Old Valyria. There was a time when Valeria was the dominant civilization there. a song of Ice and Fire Cosmos, and the Targaryens seek to honor their heritage by building a single stronghold on Westeros.

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While Old Valyria is referred to within the collection as a perfect society, it is clear from Martin’s supplied material that it was not the proper civilization that some Targaryens declare it to be. Old Valeria was a website of incest, torture, black magic and bloodshed. The historical dynasties present in Valeria competed in a race for energy, which was their personal “game of thrones”. Old Valeria’s legacy of destiny is just like the opportunities we all know are going to top dragon house, Targaryen is caught in a civil war that could destroy his home and rob his dragons.

doom of old valeria

Ian Glenn as Jorah Mormont watching Drogon in Old Valyria in Game of Thrones
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Ironically, the Targaryens only claimed their place of power because of Valeria’s death. Even though Valeria reigned supreme for more than 5,000 years, it was destroyed on the occasion of an apocalypse known as “The Doom of Valyria”. After Daneus Targaryen has an imaginative and foreshadowing regarding the destruction of Valeria, he tells his father Ainar about his enigmatic “dragon dream”. The Targaryens then moved to Dragonstone. It was a fitting transfer. Years later, Valyria was engulfed within the destruction of the Fourteen Flames, a sequence of volcanoes that filled the air with volcanic ash and brought alive many dragons.

Essentially one of the most important scenes within the first season is the second in the second episode, “The Rogue Prince”, where King Viserys I (Paddy Considine) displays on the destruction of Valeria. With a model of Old Valeria in the background, Viserys plays a young Ranera (Millie Alcock) about how a pack of dragons and a large fleet were left helpless to prevent Valeria’s doom. It’s clear that Viserys lives inside the shadow of Old Valyria’s failures, and feels equally helpless to prevent the inevitable from happening. Like Daenerys, Viserys may have been haunted by “Dragon Dreams” which foretold a change in the established order.

This really isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Old Valeria. In game of Thrones‘ fifth season, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) and Jorah Mormont (Ian Glen) By the stay of Old Valyria the sail, who tempts Kwathe (Laura PradelskaThe idea is that anyone who ventures to see Raktabeej will probably be cursed. Similar to Rainera, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) stakes his claim to the Iron Throne on his Valyrian heritage.

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Old Valeria’s Legacy


Even though Viserys talks about the importance of remembering Old Valyria, he is unaware of the teachings that left behind its destruction. In some circles it is believed that Valeria was destroyed because of the wrath of the gods combined with the sins of society. Even if there was no spiritual explanation for the calamity (considered by most to be merely a pure catastrophe), some imagine that the Valyrian cities interrupted the magical spells that kept the fourteen flames at bay. used to store. The Dragonlords had become so obsessed with overpowering each other that they overlooked the magic that had actually saved their civilization.

As for Viserys’ credit score, he at least tried to prevent his family from repeating past indulgences. Viserys tries to capture Ambition inside his home, and he specifically punishes Damon for wreaking havoc on the harmless citizens of King’s Landing. They also attempted to honor Old Valyria’s legacy by uniting House Targaryen and House Valyrian, including continuing the custom of intermarriage of family members to consolidate magical Valyrian blood. If the 2 historical dynasties of Valyrians can make peace with each other, they will stay away from the fate that cursed their ancestors. The house seltiger doesn’t make any sense though. Unfortunately, Viserys’ well-being fades in his older years, and he becomes more focused on the legacy than the rest.

Blood Magic in Old Valyria

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It is implied in Martin’s text that the Dragonlords’ sabotage of pure sources in Old Valyria contributed to its demise. Blood magic and the pursuit of the dark arts turned men into beasts and created many of the demons we see in Westeros. While magic is not commonly practiced, if any, in Westeros, it was very frequent in Valyria, the magic that was rooted in hearth and blood. Many of their customs are rooted in hearth and blood, which, as we all know, has this commonality in Valyrian weddings. Things like dragonglass candles enable people to see and talk to people at great distances, such as a magical FaceTime, and even spy on individuals’ thoughts. As much as dragons were a part of conquering Valeria’s world, so was her magic and sorcery.

Of course, this also means that they did some twisted things, like forcing bloody slaves and animals to mate to create monstrous creatures. It is believed by some that the Targaryens actually have dragon’s blood in the literal sense as a result of all but one of these couplings. Some of the secrets and techniques of Old Valerian are lost forever, along with traditional spells and formulations for making valerian metal. by the time of the start of game of Thrones, it seems that much of this valerian magic has faded. But there are some who believe that it was both the return of magic that gave birth to Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) eggs or eggs hatching from it who reintroduced magic to the world.

dragon house Efficient because it feels like a living universe. Even though it’s a prequel, it still seems to have a history that stretches back long before the chances of collection. It wouldn’t work to have a prequel collection regarding the doom of Valeria, as a result, in the long run, we don’t want a proof for every single nuance inside the universe. It’s even more appealing if Old Valeria is referred to in just faux phrases as the characters mirror on the secrets and techniques of the past. And given all the black experiments, slavery, mass slaughter by colonialism, this could in reality be quite a grim story.

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