What to Watch on Streaming This Week: December 9-15

Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell inside Banshee of Inishrin, Photo by Jonathan Hession. Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2022 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved

action adventure, stop-motion animation, creepy horror, And A Christmas Rom-Com? what a week! From Oscar winners to franchise favorites, streaming platforms are booming with new titles to watch practically.

what to watch on netflix


Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro has always had a knack for mixing childishness with morbidness, and no film proves that better than the director’s latest feature, pinocchio, This adaptation has been a long time coming, having first been announced nearly 15 years ago, but del Toro and his co-director Mark Gustafsson have used that time to create a gorgeously complex stop-motion masterpiece. . The story is a bit darker than the Disney version (it takes place in 1930s fascist Italy), but what else would you expect in a del Toro film? pinocchio Premieres Friday, December 9th,

what to watch on hulu


Based on the 1979 best-selling novel of the same name by Octavia E. Butler, kindred tells the story of Dana, a young black woman hoping to make a living in LA as a writer. However, a mysterious force propels her back and forth through time, and Dana emerges on a plantation in the 19th century with an inexplicable connection to her own family history. Inter-generational trauma informs the difficult portrayal of slavery and American history, and the series’ genre-bending approach to storytelling makes it a must-see. kindred Premieres Tuesday, December 13th,

what to watch on amazon prime

something from tiffany

Zoey Deutch has been keeping busy with period thrillers in the year 2022 organization for social satire Not goodso his new rom-com something from tiffany The perfect film to end the year. Deutch stars as Rachel as a New York City baker with a boyfriend who has been lingering in their relationship. When he attempts to put a Band-Aid on things with Tiffany’s stunning gift, things don’t go according to plan: her gift is switched with another man’s, Rachel finds an engagement ring meant for another woman. , and finally she has a chance to meet the dashing mystery man in question. Sparks fly, and the romantic Christmas antics begin. something from tiffany Premieres Friday, December 9th,

the black phone

the black phone became the slightly unexpected hit of this summer, keeping audiences in awe and on the edge of their seats in theaters across the country. This horror film takes place in the ’70s, and children are being picked up from the streets one by one by a man known only as “The Grabber”. When a young boy named Finny is kidnapped, only the ghosts of the children who came before can save him from the madman. Ethan Hawke gives a killer performance as the serial kidnapper, giving the film a layer of creepy that few others can aspire to. the black phone Streaming begins Tuesday, December 13th,

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Banshee of Inishrin

Playwright and filmmaker Martin McDonagh does his best work when he’s able to focus his sharp, keen wit on a cast of downright weirdos. Banshee of Inishrin allows him to do so. The film follows the rapid disintegration of the long-standing friendship between the aggressively well-meaning Padraic (Colin Farrell) and the ruthless Colm (Brendan Gleeson). No matter how Padraic tries to win his friend back, Colm stands firm, then threatens to take an absurdly violent route. Aided by some winning supporting performances from Kerry Condon and Barry Keoghan, this is tragicomedy at its best. Banshee of Inishrin Premieres Tuesday, December 13 on Streamingth,

what to watch on disney plus

National Treasure: Edge of History

while A’s idea National treasure The TV show sure sounds a bit silly (how many Declarations of Independence are there to steal, after all), National Treasure: Edge of History Provides a fresh perspective on the franchise. The series centers around Jess, a 20-something dreamer with a knack for problem solving. When a mysterious clue drops into her lap, she must make her way to a centuries-old treasure that just might have belonged to her late father. In this high-stakes race against the clock, Catharina Zeta-Jones plays the show’s villain, a black-market antiquities dealer. first two episodes of National Treasure: Edge of History Premieres Wednesday, December 14th,

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What to watch on streaming this week: December 9-15

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