What to Watch on Streaming This Week: January 27-February 2

in Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy you people, Tyler Adams/Netflix © 2023

Rom coms, killer horror, and some terrifyingly fun new series promise to make this week one to watch — or, rather, one to spend watching. If you’re not too busy catching up on Oscar favorites, kick your feet up and enjoy these brand-new titles.

what to watch on netflix

you people

black-ish Producer Kenya Barris makes his feature film directorial debut with this new comedy. Jonah Hill and Lauren London star as a new couple who put their relationship to the ultimate test when they decide to meet each other’s parents. It’s a culture clash for the ages: Hill plays the stockbroker son of two very Jewish parents (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny), while London’s character plays Mom and Dad (Nia Long), a pair of black nationalists. and Eddie Murphy) is happy to say. , If Barris’ resume doesn’t draw you in, that cast certainly will. you people Premieres Friday, January 27th,

what to watch on hulu


With the eternal onslaught of superhero media, it seems impossible for anyone to imagine what life would be like with superpowers. For main character Jane in new series outstanding, this fantasy equals wishful thinking in a more ironic way than you might expect. Jane lives in a world where, at age 18, everyone develops a power – well, everyone but her. This is a twenty-something coming-of-age series built for the age of superheroes, though Jane is hardly the most heroic hero. outstanding premiered earlier this week.

what to watch on amazon prime

shotgun wedding

Who doesn’t love a wedding – especially when gun-wielding pirates are demanding a multimillion-dollar ransom? Such is the basis of the latest entry in the canon of perennial rom com queen Jennifer Lopez, aptly titled shotgun wedding, JLo stars as Darcy, a woman marrying the man of her dreams (Josh Duhamel), in a decadent destination wedding. Along for the ride were in-laws and friends alike, with the wedding party featuring the likes of Jennifer Coolidge, Cheech Marin, Sonia Braga and Lenny Kravitz. what’s not to like shotgun wedding Premieres Friday, January 27th,

Orphan: Hit First

One of the most memorable horror films of the 21st century got the prequel treatment last year, giving us the gift of Orphan: Hit First, Isabel Fuhrman stars as the suspiciously named Esther, an adult psychiatric patient with a rare hormonal disorder that gives her the appearance of a child. Soapy and schlocky in all the best ways, the film stars Esther as a missing child, infiltrating a family whose fate is sealed just as they realize she just might be their little girl. Furthermore, if m3gan Made you scream, this film also has a good chance. Orphan: Hit First Streams starting Tuesday, January 31scheduled tribe,

What to watch on Apple TV+


created by ted lasso Mastermind Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawrence with Jason Segel, shrink It dares you to ask what healing would look like if your therapist were a little more honest and a lot more emotionally damaged. Segel stars as Jimmy, a therapist who has recently lost his wife and finds himself in a downward spiral. His new outlook on life encourages him to be brutally honest with his patients, almost certainly flouting some rules. There to support her and/or get her out of it is her mentor and longtime colleague, played by Harrison Ford to grim perfection. shrink Premieres Friday, January 27th,

what to see on peacock

poker face

Rian Johnson loves a secret, and knives out Filmmaker takes his skills to a new medium poker face, The new series stars Natasha Lyonne as a semi-Columbo figure, a woman with an almost uncanny ability to tell when people are lying. Murders and mysteries come to him, each episode following a case-of-the-week structure. Featured villains and victims include Adrien Brody, Stephanie Hsu, Chloë Sevigny, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The series is “insolent, it’s current, it’s a little love of itself” — but that’s hardly a bad thing. poker face Premieres Thursday, January 26th,

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What to watch on streaming this week: January 27 to February 2

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