Who Is Namor in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’?

just a few more days left Ryan Cooglermuch awaited sequel of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It finally hits the theatres, this time introducing a new antagonist – Namor. But who is Namor? Seen This Last San Diego Comic-Con Kevin Feige Present the first trailer of the sequel. Feige is joined on stage with Coogler and the film’s main cast, along with MCU newcomers. tenoch huertaJoe appeared to attend Namor in the footage, with major anti-exposure wakanda forever, Namor has a long and complicated historical past within the Marvel mythology, and it takes no victories to finally see the Sub-Mariner himself on silver display. So bow down again, kick your ankle-fingers, and allow us to explain why Namor is such a big deal.

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The History of Namor in Marvel Comics

Namor, the Sub-Mariner, Prince of Atlantis, built in 1939 bill everett and began within the first issue of the collection revealed by Timely Comics—that collection was known as Marvel Comics, The collection featured various comedian ebook heroes such as The Human Torch and The Vision, who discover new life in the pages of Marvel Comics. timely additional disclosure captain america comics, Namor is placed at the helm of the golden age of comics. Namor’s main motivation in these early days was to wreak havoc on the world, though not without a valid reason. The Namors usually attack against the people to take genuine revenge for the past grievances. Namor was so fashionable during this period that he almost headlined his own TV show in the fifties, but the series never noticed the light of day.

Tenoch Huerta as Namor in Black Panther 2
image via marvel

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Namor is described as the “Ultra-Man of the Deep” who can fly through the sea or the air and possesses the power of a thousand man-man. He lives in the city of Atlantis with the amphibious civilization of “Homo mermanus”. He is ready to survive the pressures of the deep ocean, to swim at superhuman speeds, and can even recover underwater. He directs marine life and in some cases has been identified with his thoughts to control the waters. He puts all his powers on land, yet his power diminishes as long as he stays away from the water. Much of his talent stems from his ancestry as a human-Atlantic hybrid, yet his ability to fly is due to his standing as “Marvel’s first mutant” and is represented by small feathers at his ankles. Although there are mutants that predate Namor in continuity, Namor is the primary real-world manifested character who has been given mutant status. Namor usually produces the trident of Neptune, and with Thor: Love and Thunder Canonizing the Olympian pantheon, perhaps Namor’s weapon within the MCU could re-point to Poseidon like its comics counterpart. However, provided that black Panther The crew has taken good liberties with Namor’s origins (more on this later), making it unlikely that the film will tie into Greek mythology – Namor’s weapon in the trailers may clearly have been a spear, not a trident.

In 1962, Namor survived the Silver Age, showing Fantastic Four #4, and discovering his kingdom of Atlantis destroyed by nuclear testing, he struggles in the ground world as quickly as possible. Namor typically associates himself with villains like Magneto and Doctor Doom, who usually get into violent battles with the likes of Fantastic, Black Panther, and the X-Men. Despite his villainous wrath, Namor’s contempt for the world of the floor does not affect his sense of aristocracy, and he works relentlessly with heroes, even Doctor Strange, the Hulk. And also works with Silver Surfers as an everyday member of The Defenders. , Among the more fashionable stories, Namor has featured prominently in mutant tales, many of the Phoenix Five in . changing into one Avengers vs X-Men. On top of all that, Namor is a bit of a separatist, increasingly choosing to defend his own territory and marginally more than embrace the world of skin – T’Challa him. After making the problem proper for Wakanda (Chadwick BosemanResolve to open the country’s borders and come out of the shadows.

Why did the MCU take so long to introduce Namor?

Tenoch Huerta as Namor in Black Panther Wakanda Forever
image via marvel

If Namor even predates the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s “first family,” why did it take so long for him to perform in a big way? The biggest motive is that Namor’s film rights are not entirely owned by Marvel Studios. In the nineties, Marvel gave away much of the film rights to its lead characters, and Universal bought the rights to Namor. Around 2014, Kevin Feige indicated that the rights to Namor returned to Marvel Studios, citing entanglements with old contracts as they could not move forward with the Namor film. Undoubtedly, these problems are of the same type that led to universal distribution. incredible giant in 2008, and Marvel Studios is not inclined to repeat that form of association. This is evidenced by the fact that we have no longer seen the Hulk (mark ruffalo) has since been engaged in a solo venture, consisting solely in team-up films and as assistants in films of various heroes. Debuting in Namor Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Marvel Studios seems to be using the same technique instead of filming its own solo.

Tenoch Huerta held the position of Namor after several appearances in Latin American and Spanish films, and was best recognized for his position by American audiences. forever pure and in a small position the dark shadow, The drive at Huerta’s depth and performance should ignite Namor with a fervor that fits the underwater royal. Being a dark-skinned Mexican actor, Huerta’s casting in the film has been celebrated by fans who want to see more mainstream superhero films embracing Latino characters in extra-dynamic roles, marginally repeated stereotypes. bow down to There are many things to draw from the long and winding trip to Namor in Huerta.

Ryan Coogler is re-imagining Namoro

Despite a lot we all know from the comics, it’s clear from the trailer that Ryan Coogler is making some significant departures with Namor and his men. Hannah Beechler, black PantherK’s construction designer oversaw the majestic construction of the nation of Wakanda with all his expertise, composition and aesthetics. Roots in various African cultures, Beachler is taking a similar strategy this time with Namor and Atlantis Rooting the Design of Culture in Indigenous Mesoamerican Cultures, We can see several components of this inventive strategy within the trailer, along with a momentary glimpse of the organizations, weapons, craft and structure of the underwater society.

Namor in a black dress underwater

One of the most important adjustments to the comics is that the kingdom of Namor is not known as Atlantis, at least not by its individual inhabitants. In the MCU, the kingdom of Namor is known as Talokan, and its individuals are Talokonil. The name appears to be derived from a town in Aztec lore, Tlaicán. It is a heavenly metropolis that absorbs the souls of those who died due to lightning or drowning in the sea. This reinterpretation of Namor’s residence elevates the character’s value to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rather than extrapolating up-to-date perceptions of the great city of Atlantis, Beachler, Coogler and Firm are rooting the setting in a real-world indigenous lens, which undoubtedly makes the on-screen motion more vibrant, immersive and vital. can make. , This decision pits two technologically superior, culturally rich and proud nations against each other, each for their own noble cause.

Although there are differences between the comics and the film, much about Namor will remain the same. wakanda forever, the creator Nate Moore reveals details Saying of Namor’s motivations, “He is not interested in ruining the world for power. He is not interested in money. He is interested in protecting his people. And what is more philanthropic than that? ” Namor’s priority has always been his kingdom and his person. If one thing threatened, Namor would do nothing to take the risk. recent clip We all know that Namor does not initially congratulate Wakanda as an enemy. Namor is in awe of Wakanda’s pristine grandeur, fresh air and clear waters. He believes that Wakanda is completely different from the rest of the world and respects them as sovereign leaders. We also know from other clips of Namor wreaking havoc in Wakanda that Samman does not hold Namor’s hand for long. How Wakanda gets involved remains to be seen by Namor as a potential risk to Talokan.

What will be Namor’s future in the MCU?

Tenoch Huerta as Namor in Black Panther 2
image via marvel

Will future movies explore Namor’s status as a mutant, now that he Ms. Marvel Has the “M Word” been busted in the open? Huerta himself reportedly confirms That this model of Namor is definitely a mutant means that Marvel Studios has decided to honor Namor’s comedian legacy before coming under full pressure in the MCU. assuming he makes it wakanda forever In a single fragment, Namor may play a major role within mutant-type initiation. Coogler himself confirms that almost all of Namor’s comedians will move on in the film, especially that Namor is strong Gol Pani. Coogler says that Namor is capable of “breathing underwater and at altitude and moving around on land. He’s incredibly strong, he’s as strong as Thor, and if he has enough water he’s going to be the Hulk’s.” Kind of stronger.” Coogler is in no uncertain terms outlining Namor’s place in the MCU energy hierarchy. By naming characters like Thor and the Hulk and throwing Namor into the same territory, Coogler is giving us a warning that Namor He is considered a serious player going forward.

May be what pits Namor against his frequent rivals John Watts’ Fantastic Four in 2024? Could we potentially see him with Magneto or MCU variations of Doctor Doom? Is it too much to ask for an extra comically-loyal model of Defenders? Even with possibly a solo venture off the desk, the possibilities are endless with the Sub-Mariner, and we’ll look forward to seeing Huerta come back to life as the fan-favorite for years. .

When the winged wonder flies to the cinemas Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Premiered on November 11, 2022.

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