Why Is Ananya Trying To Change?

Celebration of Nimrat… Mouni’s thinking… Urvashi’s strong statement…

Photo: Courtesy of Ananya Pandey/Instagram

ananya pandey Does ‘Only a leopard changes its spots.’

Photo: Humble Nimrat Kaur / Instagram

Nimrat Kaur shared a picture after finishing his film happy teachers Day And writes, ‘Ah this feeling… all this.’

Directed by Mikhil Musale (made in China), the social thriller also stars Radhika Madan.

Photo: Courtesy of Mouni Roy/Instagram

Mouni Roy Shares some #loonyrandom thoughts: ‘So full of passion, so full of defiance as if constantly fighting with every part but enjoying every moment of the fight, this world never yearned for. Ever wonder, it’s all bigger than you think but it doesn’t matter?’

Photo: Courtesy of Raveena Tandon/Instagram

Raveena Tandon Say, ‘Good morning! Good morning! Yall.. look like this late in the morning! A month on, a non-stop stint of all nighter shoots, and I’m in a time warp! Live in completely different time zones.’

Photo: Courtesy of Urvashi Dholakia/Instagram

Urvashi Dholakia It’s ’embracing womanhood’.

She writes: ‘From time unknown, girls have been judged! How they appear to be, what they wear and how they behave.

‘The overwhelming pressure to be image good is something I’ve challenged every step of the way to be the best I can, because as a woman I’m totally accurate in being myself, doing what I want, what I want Do that and keep your life ok I need the best way! No one has truly earned my dignity and self-respect except MYSELF! I don’t want any verification!

‘Our bodies change every passing day and we should not be judged for our size and shape COZ A woman is the place from where life originates and it is the greatest asset I have had the pleasure of proudly owning! ‘

Photo: Courtesy of Tanisha Mukherjee/Instagram

‘Keeping it simple can be trendy too!’ feels Tanisha Mukherjee.

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