Zac Efron’s professional wrestling film ‘The Iron Claw’ hires an precise professional wrestler, extra wigs little doubt required

Efron Picture Astrid Staviarz / Getty Images for Netflix, MJF Picture Noam Galai / Getty Images for WarnerMedia Company

people are not getting enough Zac EfronThe “Lord Farquad” hairdo. And honestly, it makes sense. The hype didn’t subside after seeing the hairstyle in motion—if anything, it’s supposed to be a lot more luxurious. Now the construction has hired a perfect professional wrestler.

film is known as iron claw, a true story regarding the famous wrestling dynasty of the von Erich family. Maxwell Jacob Friedman, aka MJF, would probably become a solid member of the film to give it a little extra professional wrestling authenticity.

Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene) is writing and directing the film, and Efron will play Kevin von Erich, the surviving son of wrestling champion Fritz von Erich. Other stars include Jeremy Allen White, Lily James, Holt McClaney and Maura Tierney.

Friedman is signed to All Elite Wrestling. He worked his way up the fair wrestling markets and has been world champion in lower leagues several times. he has a dashing character especially on display On his web site:

“If you are deaf, dumb, blind, stupid, poor, obese or living under a rock then Maxwell Jacob Friedman is the youngest, hottest, fastest rising star in the history of professional wrestling. Friedman—MJF for short—has risen through the ranks of the wrestling industry since his professional debut in 2015. MJF is currently under contract with All Elite Wrestling, where they were crowned the winner of the inaugural Dynamite Diamond Ring. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is better than you and you know it.”

No word on whether Friedman might sport a fabulous wig as well, but here’s hoping. Friedman has yet to focus on casting, though we’ll hold you back from posting.

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