Zoom is coming for Microsoft’s territory with e-mail and calendar companies

Zoom is rolling out new mail and calendars to buyers and companies as part of its latest round of enterprise options introduced at its annual Zoomtopia event. Available as of a beta launch, Outlook-like mail and calendar will slot neatly into the company’s newly integrated Zoom One interface along with other tools like team chat, whiteboard, phone and meetings.

With the current launch of Zoom Team Chat, the company has already entered the Slack and Microsoft Teams realms, and now the race for a complete hybrid work reply that features instant communication, video and e-mail is on. Zoom is focusing more on Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365), specifically for firms choosing to connect to their current e-mail service or, if they lack an IT department, host it.

Small companies surviving the pandemic may have to move their old e-mail servers to a secure platform, especially if there is a lack of IT personnel to look after them. Now, the Zoom mail and calendar companies are another answer companies that may be taking a strong view against products like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces – anyway, they may be using Zoom conventions anyway.

Calendar integration makes it easy to subscribe to Zoom conferences or view recordings without the effort of hyperlinks.
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In an organization weblog, Zoom head of product Joseph Chong writes that Zoom Mail is end-to-end encrypted inside Zoom mail service clients. “Zoom Mail and Calendar Services (beta) are targeted at small to medium-business customers who particularly value email privacy,” Chong wrote. All-in-One Reply is designed to keep customers from needing to change apps when introducing group messaging and video assembly with the workforce or answering a buyer’s e-mail.

Calendars inside Zoom Help made starting up easy with no need to mess up Zoom links or be able to see who’s already in the room before becoming a member. You can also see which meetings are held and view a recording link without preparation. To add workers and manually send it to your workforce.

With the new Zoom Spot virtual co-working space, Zoom meetings are never-ending.

Zoom’s meeting with the new Zoom Spot digital co-working house isn’t over yet.
Image: Zoom

Zoom also shared another new option on this occasion. Known as a Zoom Spot, it attempts to “bring the fluid interactions of in-person work” by preserving you and your teammates’ cameras in a digital co-working house. Zoom spots will be available in early 2023.

Zoom also has a new AI-powered chatbot called Zoom Virtual Agent that can solve buyer problems and help companies reduce call volume to human brokers. It will be available in 2023.

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